Tuesday, 24 November 2020


Social Democrats start a petition against raising Prague's annual transit fees

Expats.cz |
27 August 2020

The ČSSD in Prague has started collecting signatures for a petition against rising prices and restrictions on Prague's public transport. They will collect signatures at street stands and online until the end of September, and then they plan to submit the petition to the October meeting of the City Assembly.

Drive-thru voting to be introduced for autumn regional and Senate elections

Radio Prague |
6 August 2020

With regional and Senate elections due at the start of October, politicians have agreed on a means of allowing the thousands of people likely to be in quarantine at the time to cast their ballot. The proposed amendment to the law will allow three alternative forms of voting: drive-in voting, the creation of special polling stations, and electoral commissions that would visit people's homes.

Interior minister outlines options for voting under quarantine

Brno Daily |
3 August 2020

With the help of epidemiologists, Interior Minister Jan Hamacek has put forward four possible methods of voting safely, which are now open for comment from political parties until August 4th.

Former Czech ombudswoman running for Senate on a platform of justice

Romea |
29 July 2020

Former Czech Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová announced last week she is running for the Senate from the Brno-město precinct (no. 60) this autumn as an independent. Her candidacy is supported by the Greens, the Idealists and the Senator 21 movement.

Okamura's YouTube channel canceled, Facebook ponders similar move

Expats.cz |
28 July 2020

Tomio Okamura, the leader of the right-wing political movement Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD), lost his original video channel on YouTube on July 24 as he depicted the violence by migrants in Europe, Okamura said on in a post on his still-active Facebook account, adding that the move came without warning.

Facebook may disallow pages of far-right Czech party

Romea |
23 July 2020

Facebook has threatened to close the pages of the SPD movement in the Czech Republic and those of its chair, Tomio Okamura, and Vice-Chair Radim Fiala. The SPD announced the news on 14 July and said the social media company referenced alleged violations of their rules for using the platform as the reason. Representatives of SPD reject the allegations and say that if their pages are closed down they plan to defend themselves in court.

Opinion polls show persistent large lead for governing ANO movement

Brno Daily |
17 July 2020

A new poll has shown no significant change since pre-coronavirus times, with ANO polling over double its two nearest challengers, who are also still the same.

Does the Polish election signal a conservative or illiberal shift in central Europe?

Radio Prague |
15 July 2020

President Andrzej Duda of Poland was elected to a second term at the weekend by a slim margin. Throughout the election campaign, Duda attacked the LGBT+ community, raising further concern among some Czech political observers of a turn towards "illiberal democracy" in central Europe, fanned by those seeking to ignite or exploit a culture war.

Interior Ministry report finds far-right party was the "super spreader" of hate last year

Romea |
14 July 2020

Last year the trend continued in the Czech Republic of the dissemination of hatred no longer being the domain of "extremists" as they have traditionally been defined, but rather the domain of disinformation media outlets and populist, xenophobic groups, according to the findings of the Czech Interior Ministry.

Cyril Koky: I want to serve in the Czech Senate

Romea |
2 July 2020

The Pirates have presented the lead candidates for their lists in the Regional and Senate elections this fall. Two Romani candidates are among them. Cyril Koky, the expert official in charge of the area of national minorities for the Central Bohemian Regional Authority, and Karel Karika, the head of the St. Materna House and a vice-mayer in Ústí nad Labem.

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