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Public Affairs: Inane Clown Posse

Czech Position |
8 April 2011

Scandal has never been far from Public Affairs since it entered parliament and the governing coalition nine months ago.

Mayor Richter's naïve plan to rescue CZK 200m falters

Czech Position |
7 April 2011

Česká spořitelna and Equity Consulting have refused to evaluate the portfolio put together by Key Investments with Prague 10's money.

Ability to negotiate is key to any political success, says senate chairman

Leaders Magazine |
6 April 2011

A talk with Milan Štěch, president of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

Jiří Pospíšil: The minister's problem could be the ODS

Czech Position |
6 April 2011

Most lawyers polled by Czech Position said Jiří Pospíšil is doing a good job as minister of justice.

Spilled gravy in the lobbies of power

Respekt |
5 April 2011

The spreading cash-for-amendments affair at the European Parliament is a juicy one, for sure. Three members agreed to accept money from journalists posing as banking lobbyists, Britain's Sunday Times wrote.

How to get CZK 650 million from Key Investments: a hopeless challenge?

Czech Position |
4 April 2011

Prague districts are taking different — and uncoordinated — paths to try to redeem their money invested with Key Investments.

Vondra becomes a political liability

Prague Post |
1 April 2011

Defense Minister remains in place, at center of government infighting.

Majority still wants Vondra to exit the political stage

Czech Position |
29 March 2011

The anger of the Czech public at Alexandr Vondra over the ProMoPro affair shows little sign of abating; most still want him to step down.

Battlefield report: General Nečas lacks ammunition

Czech Position |
29 March 2011

The largest coalition party, the ODS, faces two fundamental problems: limited access to the levers of power and a weak leader.

Barták resigns as deputy finance minister

Czech Position |
29 March 2011

FM Miroslav Kalousek said the investigation involving ex-defense minister Martin Barták over attempted bribery has been protracted.

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