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Kalousek implicated in Czech EU Presidency budget controversy

Czech Position |
7 July 2011

New revelations in EU Presidency funding scandal: MF Kalousek approved extra CZK 371 million for organizing events under ProMoPro.

NGO accuses Public Affairs leader of political fraud

Czech Position |
4 July 2011

NGO lodges charges of fraud against Public Affairs for failing to honor promise to contribute expenses income to charity.

Transport minister seeks shake up of state roads body

Czech Position |
30 June 2011

A fundamental overhaul of the organization overseeing Czech highways has been demanded by the transport minister.

Central European Muslim leaders lament restrictive legislation, media bias

Radio Prague |
30 June 2011

Muslim leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia came to Prague on Tuesday to share their experiences and to discuss the challenges faced by their communities.

Deputies 'named and shamed' over attendance

Czech Position |
30 June 2011

Legislators come out poorly in citizens' group tracking of their attendance record for votes in the lower house of Parliament.

Wolfowitz slams Czechs, CE states for Libyan stance

Czech Position |
28 June 2011

US neo-con Paul Wolfowitz tells ongoing Warsaw Pact conference in Prague that Central Europe should do more to help Libyan rebels.

Czech finance minister says Greece will declare bankruptcy

Czech Position |
27 June 2011

Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek has blunty stated that Greece will go bankrupt, the only questions are when and at what cost.

Poll: Christian Democrats in, Public Affairs out

Czech Position |
27 June 2011

Public Affairs fails to make the 5% cutoff for a second month, while the Christian Democrats are making significant gains.

Outside Looking In: An Interview with Kristýna Kočí

Prague Post |
23 June 2011

It may have seemed impossible just a few months ago, but the storm surrounding former Public Affairs (VV) MP Kristýna Kočí has been relatively calm in recent weeks.

Cabinet approves change to allow direct presidential vote

Bloomberg |
16 June 2011

The government approved draft legislation to allow direct elections of the president, who selects policy makers and appoints prime ministers.

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