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Prague 6 resorts to lies about Key Investments case

Czech Position |
11 March 2011

Representatives of the Prague 6 administration actively recommended dubious brokerage; now they deny anything of the sort happened.

Public Affairs seeks more debate on pension-overhaul plan

Bloomberg |
10 March 2011

The smallest ruling-coalition party, Public Affairs, wants more government negotiations on the planned overhaul of the pension system, a senior party official said yesterday.

We’d rather demolish Prague than give it away

Czech Position |
10 March 2011

The mayor has suggested tearing down a historically significant building, but this is just a distraction from real problems.

Czech MEP elected leader of Tories in European Parliament

The Telegraph |
9 March 2011

Jan Zahradil defeated Timothy Kirkhope, widely touted as the favourite to become chairman, and a Polish rival in a vote to find a new head of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group. The group had gone to the polls after the previous chairman, Polish MEP Michal Kaminski, quit following a spectacular falling out with his Law and Justice party.

Politicians agree on constitutional change giving public the right to elect president

The Canadian Press |
3 March 2011

The Czech governing coalition and a major opposition party say they have agreed on a constitutional change that would allow the general public to elect the nation's presidents — a privilege that currently belongs to Parliament. Representatives of the coalition and the Social Democrats said Wednesday the president would be elected in a two-round vote with the top two finishers advancing to the second round.

Poll: Ruling coalition losing its momentum

Czech Position |
2 March 2011

CVVM poll shows all three parties in the ruling coalition have lost support among voters while the left-wing bloc is gaining ground.

Ex-Minister Julínek returns to health sector

Czech Position |
2 March 2011

Ex-Health Minister and Senator Tomáš Julínek (ODS) is helping study ways for insurers to introduce nominal premiums.

Dobeš's smokescreen raises more questions at ministry

Czech Position |
1 March 2011

Education Minister Dobeš's close collaborators may have illegally collected and read MŠMT employees' e-mails.

Poll: Public favors Hašek to lead ČSSD; party voters want Sobotka

Czech Position |
18 February 2011

The general public and Social Democratic voters are split on whom the party should name as its new leader at the March congress.

STEM poll: Ruling Czech coaliton gaining ground

Czech Position |
16 February 2011

Since the previous STEM poll, more undecided voters have chosen sides, helping the ruling center-right coalition to narrow the gap.

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