Thursday, 3 December 2020


Chairman of Czech upper house of parliament dies

Reuters |
21 January 2020

Jaroslav Kubera, the chairman of the Czech upper house of parliament, died on Monday morning, the chamber's spokeswoman said. He was 72. Kubera gave a speech at his party's congress during the weekend and was not known to be suffering from a serious illness. Kubera, a long-time popular mayor of the northern spa town of Teplice known for his frank talk and common-sense approach to politics, was liked by many as well as despised by opponents.

STEM: ANO party stays ahead of the field

Prague Daily Monitor |
15 Jan 2020

The STEM December political poll came out with a common result: ANO remains by far the most popular single party in the Czech political scene. The STEM poll showed that 33.6% of decided voters would choose to vote for ANO in parliamentary elections. Klaus Jr.'s political party Tricolour had the worst result, falling to .5% of the decided voters.

Bartoš stays in charge of the Pirate Party

Prague Daily Monitor |
13 Jan 2020

Ivan Bartoš has been re-elected the Pirate Party's chairman and leader again during the party's National Forum. His two main challengers were Vojtěch Pikal and Mikuláš Ferjenčík. After accepting the win, Bartoš promised to grow the party, freedom, and digitalization.

"The only solution is political" - Million Moments for Democracy announce plans for the future

Radio Prague |
9 January 2020

Million Moments for Democracy, the anti-government protest movement that brought hundreds of thousands of Czechs onto the streets last year, has set its sights on helping traditional democratic parties opposed to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, who is under criminal investigation, win the next parliamentary elections.

Czechs trust Čaputová more than their own president

The Slovak Spectator |
23 December 2019

Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová has been in office for just half a year but has still managed to impress the world, including the Czech Republic. Čaputová came first in a survey in which Czechs were asked to say who is the most trustworthy world leader from a list shown to them. The Slovak president is seen as credible by 54% of Czechs, followed by Czech President Miloš Zeman with 46%.

Bets are on for who will be the next president: Babis leads at 6.5:1

Prague Daily Monitor |
16 Dec 2019

Fortuna has launched the unofficial start of the next presidential election with its bookmakers calculating the odds of several possible candidates winning. The next elections are scheduled for April 2023 after Milos Zeman's mandate will expire. The spokesperson for Fortuna released the information to CTK yesterday.

Czech leaders express regret over definitive Brexit, stress need to focus on future

Radio Prague |
16 December 2019

Following Boris Johnson's sweeping victory in Britain's parliamentary elections on Thursday, which have made Brexit definitive, Czech political leaders are stressing the need to work on maintaining the best possible political and business relations with Great Britain.

STEM: ANO would overwhelmingly win an election

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Dec 2019

In the November poll political party ANO increased its portion of the voter pie by 1.8% to 34.9% of voters. The lead is growing as the next best parties Pirates and ODS would only 10.9% and 10.6% respectively. Losing voter interest are the left parties and the new TRIKOLORA party launched by Klaus junior.

Czech women strive to take on the populists

Balkan Insight |
10 December 2019

Women are still vastly underrepresented in Czech politics, but a new wave of activism raises hopes that the days of male hegemony could soon be over.

Challenging "elites" helps make Klaus Jr. party lower house contenders

Radio Prague |
10 December 2019

A new Kantar CZ opinion poll suggests the Tricolour party of Václav Klaus Jr. would take 6.5% of the vote in a general election. It is the first time such a survey has put the conservative grouping, which was launched in June, above the 5% threshold needed to enter the Chamber of Deputies. Radio Prague asked political scientist Petr Just which other parties were likely to be losing voters to Tricolour.

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