Wednesday, 18 July 2018


PM Babiš presents President Zeman with government line-up

Radio Prague |
18 June 2018

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš met with President Zeman at Prague Castle on Sunday to present him with the new cabinet line-up. Mr Babiš said after the meeting that his advisor and former labour and social affairs minister František Koníček will not be part of the new cabinet. However, he refused to disclose the names of ANO nominees for ministerial posts.

ANO leader Andrej Babiš most trusted party chairman, poll shows

Radio Prague |
15 June 2018

Just over one-third of Czechs have confidence in prime minister-designate Andrej Babiš, the leader of the centrist ANO party, according to a poll conducted in mid-May. That makes him the most trusted chairman of a political party now in parliament.

Czech parties edge towards coalition deal after months of stalemate

Reuters |
15 June 2018

The Czech center-left Social Democrats were expected to announce on Friday that their members had agreed to form a cabinet with the dominant centrist ANO group, ending more than eight months of stalemate after an inconclusive election. Party sources said that partial results of a ballot suggested the plan would be approved - even though some members had objected to joining any government led by ANO chief Andrej Babis who is facing a fraud investigation.

Expert on extremism: Intolerance is seeping into mainstream parties across the political spectrum

Radio Prague |
15 June 2018

The Interior Ministry this week issued its annual report on extremism, in which it says that ultra-right groupings are no longer politically relevant and their agenda has been adopted by the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD), which however cannot be defined as "extremist".

Zeman may support second Babiš gov't in person during confidence vote

Radio Prague |
14 June 2018

The Czech prime minister designate, Andrej Babiš of ANO, is hoping that President Miloš Zeman will come to the lower house in person to support his second attempt to form a government, Czech Television reported. Mr. Babiš's planned government should undergo a confidence vote in the Chamber of Deputies on July 11.

Opposition move could end Czech wait for government

Financial Times |
13 June 2018

It has taken eight months, and a couple of false starts — but billionaire tycoon Andrej Babis is finally close to forming a government in the Czech Republic, despite police charges hanging over him.

Social Democrat referendum likely to endorse coalition with ANO

Radio Prague |
12 June 2018

Approximately 85 percent of Social Democrat regional organizations have already voted in a referendum on whether the party should enter into a coalition government with ANO, party spokesman Petr Vurbs told the ČTK news agency on Monday. According to unofficial information the votes so far are 60:40 in favour of the coalition agreement. The result will be officially announced on Friday.

STAN: Senate should end talk about referendum on leaving EU

Radio Prague |
11 June 2018

The Party of Mayors and Independents, which is represented in the Senate, has said it will push the upper chamber to pass a resolution rejecting the idea of a law which would enable Czechs to vote on whether to leave the EU and NATO.

ANO leader Andrej Babiš gets second chance to form government

Radio Prague |
7 June 2018

President Zeman appointed Andrej Babiš prime minister on Wednesday, giving him a second chance to form a government after his first cabinet failed to win a vote of confidence in the lower house. His chances of success still remain far from certain and thousands of people took to the streets on Tuesday evening to protest against the appointment. They were protesting against a government which would have to rely on support from the Communist Party.

CVVM poll suggests Social Democrats on comeback

Radio Prague |
6 June 2018

The Czech Social Democrats appear to be making a comeback according to the latest poll by the agency CVVM in May. The poll puts support for the Social Democrats at 13 percent, in joint second place with the Civic Democrats (ODS) by still trailing the ANO party of current prime minister Andrej Babiš.

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