Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Pirates and ODS have highest election potential in Prague

Prague Daily Monitor |
11 Sep 2018

The latest Kantar TNS / Median poll for Czech Television indicates that the Pirate Party and the Civic Democrats (ODS) have the highest election potential in Prague, with over a third of voters considering voting for either party. They are followed by the Spojené síly pro Prahu alliance (TOP09, KDU-CSL & STAN) with 25%, ANO at 23.5% and Praha sobě at 15.5%.

29 parties running for Prague City Hall

Prague TV |
10 September 2018

Prague City Hall drew numbers for the ballot positions for the municipal elections that will be held Oct. 5–6. Expats from EU countries can vote in the municipal elections if they register in advance at their local district office, but not the Senate elections.

War of words continues over Poche

Prague Daily Monitor |
10 Sep 2018

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister, Jan Hamacek, who is also the head of the junior CSSD partner in the governing coalition, told TV Prima that PM Andrej Babis had yet to specifically give proof of Miroslav Poche's negative behaviour at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Confusion over Poche affects Czech diplomacy

Prague Daily Monitor |
7 Sep 2018

Hospodarske noviny reported that both Czech and international diplomats in Prague are dissatisfied with the current situation at Cernin Palace, and the lack of clarity over Miroslav Poche's role at the ministry.

Pirates leading in Prague poll

Prague TV |
6 September 2018

The Czech Pirates say they hope to win the municipal elections in Prague. One poll shows them in the lead, but far from an outright majority so they would need to find coalition partners to form a city government. They also hope to succeed in other regional cities.

Babiš says Communist Party should have been banned

Prague Daily Monitor |
6 Sep 2018

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš told Czech journalists assembled in Berlin, that the Communist Party in the Czech Republic, should have been banned in the country after the fall of communism. Babiš visited the Berlin Wall memorial to offer a wreath in memory of the victims of the wall and communism.

Pirates want to win Prague

Prague Daily Monitor |
5 Sep 2018

Pirates Chairman Ivan Bartos told Pravo, that he sees the Pirate Party winning the municipal election in Prague and other regional cities, on a platform of transparency, digitisation, and family services.

With poll placing them second on 15%, what are Pirates doing right?

Radio Prague |
4 September 2018

A freshly published opinion poll suggests the Czech Pirate Party are currently the second most popular political grouping in the country, with 15 % support. That's four percent more than the pro-transparency party received in October when they entered the lower house for the first time. So what are the Pirates doing right? That's a question for political scientist Jiří Pehe.

Brno local party adopts :mafia" image

Radio Prague |
3 September 2018

A political grouping fielding candidates in forthcoming municipal elections in Brno is using mafia references in a bid to win support, Lidovky.cz reported. The leader of Maffie.cz, Lubor Pospíchal, appears on its candidates list as "capo di tutti capi" while other nominees have nicknames such as "the big fish" and "the gun", the news site said.

Babiš: Poche will never be foreign minister

Radio Prague |
3 September 2018

The Social Democrats' nominee for foreign minister, Miroslav Poche, has been a very negative force at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says PM Andrej Babiš. Mr. Babiš said on a TV discussion show on Sunday that Mr. Poche, who is currently a political secretary at the ministry, would never head the government department. Mr. Poche described the PM's words on Sunday as an attack. He said if Mr. Babiš was cooperating with the likes of Hungary's Viktor Orban he would be hard pressed to find a similarly minded foreign minister within the Social Democrats.

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