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Czech News in English » Business » Globus getting into full service grocery e-shop and delivery

Globus getting into full service grocery e-shop and delivery

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So far there is, and where one can choose groceries and have them delivered home; in some cases within the hour! Globus has had the “click-and-go” model where a customer visits the web-shop, chooses desired products, and goes to pick them up.

According to Czech business news server E15, two independent sources confirmed that Globus will launch a full e-model of grocery delivery in 2020. The source added that “in the beginning the service will be available in Prague.”

Globus is keeping tight-lipped about the launch, if indeed they are planning one. “At this time I cannot confirm that adding delivery service to our Click-and-Go service is being prepared in the coming year,” said Globus spokeswoman Rita Gabrielova.

Globus is innovating in a different area. In the Prague area of Pankrac, Globus has opened its new concept; which is not focused on selling groceries at all. The main concept is built around a restaurant and café. Additional focus is then laid on the butcher, bakery and baked sweets. The third focus is then groceries. Under one umbrella, the concept is open market, so the customer pays everything on exiting the pavilion.

Exciting changes coming to Prague for grocery lovers.

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