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Czech News in English » Business » Česká spořitelna offers 42 days off per year

Česká spořitelna offers 42 days off per year

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The Czech bank Ceska Sporitelna, via its Linked-in account, has published their updated time off strategy. In addition to the standard 25 vacation and 5 sick days, the bank has added an additional day off in each month for staff. The day is called “My” day. The published statement went on to explain that in order for bankers to advise correctly and professionally, they need to themselves be in order. Thus, the bank wants to give employees an opportunity to learn new things, grow professionally, or simply just spend more time with loved ones or tending to hobbies; things people seem to push forward for a time when they have more time. Now they will have the time so they can carry on working happily, the bank reckons.

Apparently more days off is not all that employees can look forward to in 2020. Later this week Ceska Sporitela is planning on announcing additional changes for their employees.

One of the other top Czech Banks, Komercni Banka, does not plan on increasing employee vacation time. “We are following our own path and will focus on supporting work flexibility, part-time options, and home office options” said Pavel Zubek, spokesman for Komercni Banka.

Another banking leader in the Czech Republic CSOB brought up the fact that last year they offered their employees up to CZK 3000 in daycare support, a sabbatical lasting three or four weeks at minimum wage pay, five additional sick days and employees over 55 get two spa days a year. The information was provided by the spokesperson for CSOB Patrik Madle.

With global banking transforming niot the digital age, brick and mortar institutions have given way to digital platforms, robo-advisors, online accounts etc. Although the layoffs in this sector have yet to reach the Czech Republic, banks here are still focusing on employee retention, growth and education.

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