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Czech News in English » Business » Survey: One-third of Czechs encounter age discrimination

Survey: One-third of Czechs encounter age discrimination

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Prague, Sept 9 (CTK) – Some 34 percent of Czechs have encountered age discrimination when looking for a job or right at work, daily Pravo writes Wednesday, quoting the figures from a poll conducted by the portal.

Unlike the past, discrimination over sex is no longer the biggest handicap, Pravo writes.

Now the black list is being led by the people aged 50, those suffering from health problems and employees with children, it adds.

Age discrimination is coupled with discrimination over the health condition, which has been encountered by 16 percent of Czechs, Pravo writes.

“The companies are afraid not only of the worsening health condition of its old employees, but also of possible health limitations and complications among the people who had undergone a serious disease in the past,” Zuzana Lincova, director of portal, said.

Some 13 percent of those polled complained about discrimination over having small children. A solution for many women may be offered by part-time workloads and flextime, but the latter is not common in the Czech Republic, Pravo writes.

On the other hand, only 8 percent of the respondents said they had encountered discrimination over age that prevents women from acquiring the fair positions on the labour market, it adds.

The European Union wants to break the “glass ceiling” preventing women from entering the highest posts in the corporate management by a directive, Pravo writes.

Until 2020, women should account for 40 percent of the top management in the companies quoted at the stock exchange, Pravo writes.

In the Czech Republic, the situation seems to be improving. In 2009, women occupied 22 percent of top managerial posts, while the figure rose to over 30 percent by 2014, it adds.

Nevertheless, women only head 6 percent of the big Czech companies, Pravo writes.

A total of 9 percent of the respondents said they had encountered discrimination over race, while another 12 percent said they had never personally encountered any discrimination at work, Pravo writes.

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