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Czech News in English » Business » Geis to open branches in Prague and Vysoké Mýto

Geis to open branches in Prague and Vysoké Mýto

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In the year 2014, Geis transported approximately 20 % more goods than in the year 2013. Growth occurred in case of all types of transport. The B2C segment has been increasing the fastest, mainly thanks to e-commerce. As Geis group executive Daniel Knaisl said for the ČIANEWS opinion poll, as a result of the decrease in the koruna rate, the costs of buying new technologies, as well as the prices of rent in case of storehouses, where contracts are stated in euro, increased. According to his words, Geis will mainly invest in transport and storage technologies, and it is also planning an enlargement of its branch networks by adding more branches in Prague and in Vysoké Mýto.


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