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Czech News in English » Business » Brewery Bernard wants to expand, locals say no

Brewery Bernard wants to expand, locals say no

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The largest Brewery in Vysočina, family brewery Bernard, needs to expand its facilities in the centre of Humpolec on land it owns around the brewery. The city administration did not pass the resolution to rezone the designation on plan. The current zoning usage is residential, Bernard requested the zoning be changed to industrial. Over forty protesters agreed with the city and supported blocking the expansion of the brewery, which employees about 200 people locally.

One of the protesters, Martin Kaman argued that he does not want to see the industrial zone space enlarged. The accompanying increase in traffic and noise is not beneficial for the centre of the city. Kaman went on to offer that Bernard move out of the city, they already own land on the outskirts. Kana sent a signed petition to the city which was supported by 43 others. There was no count of people who supported the expansion, nor any concerns voiced about employees who could lose their jobs due to the brewery being asked to leave the city.

Bernard agreed that they would be interested in moving, yet the costs at this point are too high and risky. The company wants to be more secure financially before it spends hundreds of millions of crowns building an entire new site outside of the city.

Bernard contributes almost 400 hectolitres of quality brew to the Czech Republic’s beer lovers annually, and yet demand outstrips supply of this premium product.

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