Všeobecná Zdravotní Pojišťovna České Republiky (VZP) plans to increase healthcare expenditure by CZK 11bn on the year to CZK 171.6bn in 2018. The highest increase will occur in inpatient segments, by CZK 8.1bn to CZK 96.6bn, of which CZK 88bn will be directed to hospitals.

For outpatient medical care providers, an increase in reimbursements by CZK 1.6bn to CZK 41.9bn is planned. This information was provided to ČIANEWS by Lucie Krausová from the press department. She added that more money was allotted for other segments in the budget as well.

For instance, costs related to prescription medication should grow 2.3% to CZK 21.6bn, while costs related to medical aids issued via vouchers should be 4.2% higher and total almost CZK 5bn. The budget for spa rehabilitation care was increased by 4.8% to CZK 1.85bn.