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Avast shares fall almost 10% as joint investigation by PCMag and Motherboard exposes customer data collection and sales

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The data business is one of those things that very few people understand or even value. A report published on Monday, jointly investigated by Motherboard and PCMag, gives detailed insight into how the business works, why things are “free” and just how much it can be worth. Often we hear that in the future, the marketers will know what we want even before we do; that era may already be here.

Avast is a Czech company for which its citizens are proud. It has also been very successful, launching an IPO in May, 2018. Shares have roughly doubled in value since the launch, even after yesterday’s fall.

To read the report: “The Cost of Avast’s Free Antivirus: Companies Can Spy on Your Clicks”, please visit PCMag’s page.

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