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Czech News in English » Business » Press Release » Project Rezidence Stodůlky: 70% of Apartments Sold at Completion of Construction

Project Rezidence Stodůlky: 70% of Apartments Sold at Completion of Construction

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Prague, May 2013 (Press Release), The PSJ, a.s. development company has completed the construction of its residential project Rezidence Stodůlky and already 70% of 117 apartments units have been sold. “The Rezidence Stodůlky project is evidence that quality residential development isn’t stagnating. These days it’s generally considered a success when 50% of the apartments are sold at completion of the construction,” said Prokop Svoboda, managing partner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, which offers the project under the feelHOME brand.

Rezidence Stodůlky is located in Prague 5 – Stodůlky, close to the Hůrka metro station and the Central Park complex. This residential project belongs among successfull projects mainly because of the fact that it fulfills the current lifestyle trend in real estate – quality living for an affordable price. The final price is important for clients, not the conversion of the price to m2, which has a rather orientational purpose. “These days clients are well informed about the real estate market. Before people bought the first property that they could afford. Now they think about it and realize that many factors play an important role when buying an apartment or a house, such as the distance to work or if there are public facilities nearby,” said Prokop Svoboda.

6 benefits of Rezidence Stodůlky

1. Close to Hůrka metro station and Central Park
2. Kindergarten, elementary school, playground and healthcare center all nearby
3. Affordability – from CZK 42,500 to CZK 66,200 per m2 including VAT
4. Abundance of space for built-in wardrobes
5. Cellar, balcony, enclosed balcony or terrace and garage parking included
6. Rezidence Stodůlky is more attractive than similar projects on the market thanks to its size, architecture and structure

Based on the internal analysis by Svoboda & Williams, more and more feelHOME clients are interested mainly in quality, good dispositions of the apartments and in affordable housing close to the metro, and this is exactly what Rezidence Stodůlky offers. “In some other projects a developer tries to build as many apartments as possible for the purpose of maximalization of profits. However, often the dispositions of the apartments aren’t built well and there is a lack of storage space or a place for built-in wardrobe. Such apartments are thus hard to sell. Fortunately, that’s not the case of Rezidence Stodůlky. In my opinion, in combination with enclosed balcony, a balcony or a terrace which most apartments have, it will be a nice housing,” says Jana Volavková, real estate agent from Svoboda & Williams.

Rezidence Stodůlky is a development project by the PSJ, a.s. company which has been active on the Czech real estate market since 1990 and is considered as an experienced developer. “The most important parameter and benefit of the project is location. The residential development is situated on the border of old Stodůlky with family houses and a newer development. I consider sales of the apartments in Rezidence Stodůlky successfull, because despite general news about decline of the sales of apartments in Prague, we recorded a permanent demand during the whole time of the construction and we fulfilled our sales plan,” said Pavel Tošovský, project manager of PSJ, a.s.. Rezidence Stodůlky is the work of an architectural studio PH6 atelier.

Rezidence Stodůlky is comprised of two buildings including a relaxation atrium with greenery. The size of individual apartments ranges from 36m2 to 86 m2. Whereas the one-bedroom apartments are already sold, people can choose from two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartments which are still available. The benefit of Rezidence Stodůlky is also its public facilities. A kindergarten and an elementary school, a playground and a healthcare center is nearby.

Another example of a successfull project is a residential project Britská čtvrt‘ which is part of the new city neighborhood Západní Město in Prague 5 – Stodůlky. The developer of this project is the FINEP company. The fourth phase of Britská čtvrt‘ was offered for sale in the fall last year. “Britská čtvrt‘ IV belongs among our exceptionally successfull projects. Currently there are more than 50% of the apartments sold. The construction will begin in the summer 2013,” says Štěpán Havlas, financial director of FINEP.

The residential project V Mezihoří from the Orco Property Group developer is also worth mentioning. This complex will be situated close to the Palmovka metro station. Part of each apartment will be a ground garden, a balcony or a terrace. Garage parking spaces and cellars will also be available. The completion of the project is planned for August of this year. In April 60% of apartments were already sold of total 138 apartments. People can buy a two-bedroom apartment for almost 3 million crowns.

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