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An Unprecedented Reference on Residential Investing in Czech Republic

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Table of Contents

Unique guide is an all-encompassing resource for anyone owning or thinking of owning residential investment property.

Prague – 25.07.2013 – Nathan Brown, an experienced Czech Republic investor and investment consultant since 2004, has authored a comprehensive guide to investing in Czech residential real estate entitled: ‘CZECH POINT: Keys to Lucrative Property Investment – How to Buy, Manage and Sell Rental Real Estate in Czech Republic’. Both Kindle and paperback versions are now for sale from
“Thorough and easily understandable regarding investing in residential property in Czech Republic. Having been involved in Czech real estate for more than ten years, I believe that all investors and would-be investors can benefit from this reference material.” – Brent Watkins, Director, Real Estate Advisory at Deloitte Czech Republic.

“This is the first book of its kind that I have come across, having worked in the Czech Republic real estate sector for some 16 years. Nathan has provided a road map for navigating the unique challenges of Czech residential real estate investment.” – Omar Sattar, Managing Director, Colliers International Czech Republic.
The book follows a typical investment process right from the first spark in a person’s head to the best exit strategies. Topics covered include:

– Tips on the best locations to buy in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Pardubice
– How to get the best offers from banks for financing or refinancing an investment property
– Tax strategies for the purchase and sale of investment properties
– How to create a rental contract that avoids the headache of the Czech landlord/tenant laws

About the author:
Nathan Brown is passionate about investment real estate and personally owns multiple properties both in Czech Republic and Canada. As owner and director of CZECH POINT 101, an investment real estate consultancy, he has also assisted hundreds of other investors in Czech Republic with their investment property.

For more information about ‘CZECH POINT: Keys to Lucrative Property Investment – How to Buy, Manage and Sell Rental Real Estate in Czech Republic’, please contact Nathan Brown, [email protected],

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