The Czech Republic is a well-established casino, the heart of Europe, a good economy and nature. The Czech Republic has 10 million inhabitants, which is a sufficient number for playing casino games offline and online. If you look at the official figures freely made available by the Ministry of Finance, the Czech Republic’s gambling revenue reached more than $2 billion in 2020. Czech gambling laws and gambling establishments According to Czech law, the identity and age of every visitor must be verified when entering a casino/gaming room or gambling hall. These measures and laws reduce social tensions and prevent cases of explicit gambling addiction by limiting gambling to individuals.The Ministry of Finance controls casinos. There is even a section onContinue Reading

Much like the Czech Republic, Poland has not yet accepted the Euro as it official currency. In Poland, the currency is called złoty, and usually hovers around six times the worth of a Czech crown. However, the value of this currency has recently plummeted to about 5.48 crowns per one złoty, the lowest value it has had since its inception. This is due to an intentional intervention which the Polish National Bank is currently performing, as they were reportedly afraid of a rise of value that could have endangered the post-covid-19 recovery of  the Polish economy. However, this recovery seems to be going much better than expected, and thus, the value of this currency sunk even lower.  Nevertheless, the PolishContinue Reading

Cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin are now beginning to be the latest hottest trend. It’s one of the most absurd digital currencies of all time and has the most shocking value in terms of money which was originally a joke. On May 6, 2021, there were $78 billion in Dogecoins being used, which was an astonishment considering how the coin was originally thought of with nothing more than jokes. In addition to all this madness, on the 6th of May 2019 Dogecoin was ranked fifth out of fifteen cryptos with a 6000% growth for the year to date, according to the data of CoinMarketCap. The value of Dogecoin plummeted after Tesla’s chief called it a “hustle” in Saturday Night Live comedy sketchContinue Reading

The argument of whether the Buy and Hold strategy works better than active Bitcoin trading has been a widely discussed topic. Some argue that periodic buying is more favorable because you can buy when prices are low to ensure your investment reaches a satisfactory margin quicker, but others believe it’s best just to hold on until they reach their desired profit margin at all costs. Buy and Hold Bitcoin Strategy: The Buy and Hold strategy has been one of the most popular strategies for those looking to invest in Bitcoin. Active Trading Strategies: Active trading might be more profitable than the buy and hold method because when prices are low, they can buy coins with their profits which will substantiallyContinue Reading

Penny stocks are high risk and have an over-average return potential and investing in them needs prudence and caution. Due to its inherent dangers, few full-service brokerages even offer their customers penny stocks. Many are shares in bankruptcy companies, tiny or new firms with little or no follow up, or deeply indebted enterprises. Two methods to earn money on penny stocks are available and both are high-risk tactics. First, examine what stocks of pennies are. Up and Down in Penny Stocks Penny stocks are often described as trading shares of less than $1. Others describe it as less than $5 stock trading. However, the SEC classifies penny stocks (or microcap companies) as those having a market capitalisation of less thanContinue Reading

In the past month, the Prague Monitor has informed about a number of individual goods’ price increasing. With this trend continuing in almost all aspects of retail, it is time to offer a more complex look at the current economic situation in the Czech Republic. According to Chief Economist of the Czech Banking Association, Jakub Seidler, “Industrial producer prices accelerated in August, mainly due to rising prices of metal and wood products.” Industrial inflation reached 9.3 percent. That is 1.5 percentage points more than in July, while analysts expected a growth of only 8.6 percent. Thus, industrial and agricultural producer prices rose the fastest in August since 1993. The rise in prices manifested mainly in chemicals, metals, paper, but alsoContinue Reading

Throughout the fall of 2021, prices of all baked goods in Czech supermarkets and bakeries are expected to rise at least by a few percentage marks. There are a number of reasons for this trend, mainly the rising cost of flour, transport and energy. The fact that bakers are demanding higher wages, since many other products are also getting more expensive, is at play too. This information was shared by bakers during the annual Days of Bread and the Bread of the Year competition, currently taking place in Pardubice. According to Petr Šedivý, the head commissar of the Bread of the Year competition, “As the price of wheat rises, millers increase the price, which ends up reflected in the priceContinue Reading

Out of the 165 states in total that are included in the research, the Czech Republic takes the 27th position on the list of economically free countries. Last year, the statistics presented somewhat better results for Czechia, which took the 24th place. As the number of participating countries is quite high and the data have to be submitted by each state, the report is usually released with a two-year delay. Thus, the mentioned numbers represent the year 2019. The Index of Economic Freedom has been measured annually since the year 1996. It takes into account five principal indicators: size of government, legal structure and property rights, access to sound money, freedom to trade internationally, regulation of credit, labour and business.Continue Reading

If you prefer to pay in stores by swiping the magnetic strip of your bank card through the machine, you will probably have to find a new way to pay pretty soon. One of the main producers of credit and debit cards, Mastercard, is planning to completely stop adding magnetic strips to their cards in the next 10 years. According to the company, the main reason for this is the fact that magnetic strips were added to cards as the first prototype of a faster way to pay. Now, there are the much more secure contactless payments through a microchip, which are harder to abuse or tamper with. Thus, the company views the swiping of a card as an obsoleteContinue Reading

With standard prices now hovering around 34 crowns per liter, petrol in the Czech Republic is the most expensive in years. The price of diesel has lately risen too. This rise in price is caused by elevated prices of oil on the international markets. The price of a barrel of oil now stagnates at around 75$ per barrel. Consequently, the price of fuel for combustion engines in most of the world has risen too, so we are still among the EU nations with the least expensive petrol and diesel, with only Romania and Bulgaria undercutting us in diesel prices. According to economist Štěpán Křeček, these prices should not rise any further. Nevertheless, they will definitely impact the budgets of bothContinue Reading