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Premier Consulting Have Failed to Repay Millions to Investors

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Premier Consulting, a company that advertised high-interest rate investments in unstable times, is now under investigation as it allegedly failed to repay borrowed funds, resulting in significant financial losses for some individuals. The police are actively looking into the matter.

On the surface, the proposition seemed appealing: Premier Consulting borrowed money from individuals for short-term periods at elevated interest rates, supposedly to invest in the purchase of imported cars or diamonds.

Zbynek K. from Liberec shared his experience, stating, “They informed me that they were purchasing cars at a discounted rate from overseas and needed capital for the imports.” Zbynek, who prefers to remain anonymous, revealed that he entered into six contracts with Premier Consulting, totaling approximately 4 million CZK, but suffered a loss of 3.5 million CZK.

The company enticed lenders with interest rates above the norm, ranging from 3 to 10 percent per month, depending on the investment amount and duration. “The high-interest rate was due to the quick and profitable turnover of funds,” explained another victim, Marcel M. from Ustets.

Marcel, who was convinced by the company’s business model, had also lent money to Premier Consulting on multiple occasions. “In total, I signed three contracts. They honored two of them and repaid about 20,000 CZK, but I lost around 80,000 CZK,” Marcel estimated.

Initially, Premier Consulting fulfilled its obligations by returning the borrowed money on time, along with the promised interest. However, problems arose during the transition from summer to fall in 2021. The company underwent management changes, including the managing director, and reportedly ceased communication with investors.

Formerly, Lukas Rais served as the managing director and sole shareholder of the company until the summer crisis of 2021. He declined to comment on Premier Consulting’s operations, stating, “As a former managing director, I am unable to provide any comment or represent the firm.” Attempts to reach the current managing director and owner, Lukas Lattenberg, were unsuccessful.

According to former clients, Barbora Dorazilova, who worked for the company until fall 2021, held a managerial role and was the right-hand person to the managing director. When asked about Premier Consulting, she said, “Regarding Premier Consulting, I was an employee there. Due to my involvement with the police, I cannot disclose any information.” Dorazilova claimed she was unaware of the company’s troubled situation, stating, “I had no knowledge of how the funds were utilized or where they were going.”

The economic crime investigators in Olomouc are currently examining the case. The total number of victims and the extent of damages are yet to be determined, and the police have refrained from providing specific details to protect personal data. “Due to personal data protection, we cannot disclose information about individuals or entities involved,” stated Libor Heitman, the spokesman for the Olomouc police.

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