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Petrol most expensive in years

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With standard prices now hovering around 34 crowns per liter, petrol in the Czech Republic is the most expensive in years. The price of diesel has lately risen too. This rise in price is caused by elevated prices of oil on the international markets. The price of a barrel of oil now stagnates at around 75$ per barrel. Consequently, the price of fuel for combustion engines in most of the world has risen too, so we are still among the EU nations with the least expensive petrol and diesel, with only Romania and Bulgaria undercutting us in diesel prices. According to economist Štěpán Křeček, these prices should not rise any further. Nevertheless, they will definitely impact the budgets of both companies and ordinary families, which decided to travel to their summer vacation destination by car. The rise in fuel prices could demand a rise in fuel expenses, of all those who seek to travel by car, by around 17%. After a couple of years of economic decline caused by the pandemic, many might be forced to reconsider their travel plans due to this seemingly minute change in price. It is important to remember that while the price of one liter may change slightly, most vehicles consume liters upon liters of fuel over long road trips, especially if those road trips are heading south, where fuel is even more expensive.

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