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Although the recent lockdown slowed the pace of the Covid-19 epidemic, the country now seems to have hit a plateau. According to the Center for Modelling of Biological Processes (BISOP), the stagnation in the development of the Covid-19 epidemic is partly due the fact that people do not want to be tested and do not report all their contacts to hygienists.Continue Reading

On Wednesday, as many as 23 restaurants, cafés, and similar food facilities declared they’ll remain open until 10 pm in protest against the COVID-19 measures imposed on small businesses. The protest came following the change in regulations ordering the restaurants (and other food entities) to close at 8 pm from Wednesday. According to restaurant owners, they are protesting this move because they are being punished for the government’s inability to meet their epidemiological goals. At the same time, they believe that restaurants were not open for enough time to somehow negatively influence the situation. “The government has thrown pubs, bars, culture, and services overboard. The Czech Republic is not a dictatorship! From now on, we will defend our rights,” saidContinue Reading

An independent platform MDW named the gross salary that can be considered minimum decent wage – in Prague, it was at the value of 37 987 CZK, in the rest of the Czech Republic – at 32, 438 CZK. Such results were obtained by the researchers for the year 2020 – since 2019, these values rose by 3,1%. The minimum decent wage is defined by MDW as compensation for a standard 8-hour workday, which allows the employees to have basic yet decent finances for themselves and their household. With such a wage, people should expect to have enough money for food, transport, education, healthcare, clothes, leisure, and savings. Care for one dependent person (child/elderly/sick) was also included in the calculations.Continue Reading

The Czech Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová made a 1:40 minute video promoting government bonds as the perfect stocking stuffer this Christmas, noting that a bond is a “smart gift” that “doesn’t get boring after a while.”  In a video posted to social media, Schillerová told followers that if they’re having trouble figuring out what to put under the Christmas tree this year, she’s got them covered.  “For those of you who are looking for a practical gift for parents or friends, the Bond of the Republic may be the right choice,” she said. Schillerová reminded followers that there were two different types of bonds to choose from depending on what’s right for their loved ones.  “It’s a gift thatContinue Reading

On the occasion of the festive season, the Czech Center in New York has prepared a series of events celebrating the tradition of Czech glass-making. One of the highlights is a new collection of unique Christmas ornaments manufactured in the renowned Glass School in Železný Brod, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.Continue Reading

In response to changing trends, the Ministry of Culture has announced plans to establish a new fund for the support of television and videogame production, Czech Television reported on Sunday. If the subsidy programme is approved by the government, it would bring CZK 750 million of funding for original television shows and videogames.Continue Reading

Next time you book a vacation, make sure you do all your due diligence first. A group of South Moravian vacationers lost 1.5 million Kč getting caught up in a fake advertisement for an alpine getaway in the Austrian Alps.  The demand for vacation rentals has been skyrocketing in the Czech Republic the past year, as COVID-19 restrictions prevent people from traveling, forcing them to stay within their own borders or getting short term rentals in their neighbouring countries. Scammers are taking advantage of this trend by littering the internet with fake ads for cottages and getaways that either don’t exist or don’t belong to them.  David Chaloupka, a spokesman for the police said that “a week of recreation toContinue Reading

Here is the thing about Christmas films – most of them suck.  There are very few true classics, which is why I’m really glad that Die Hard has entered the conversation over the last couple of years. Not only is it an awesome movie, but it is also very Christmassy, once you come to accept it as a legitimate choice as a Christmas flick. I’ve yet to feel any Christmas tingles this year, so I thought I’d check out some of the Czech festive offerings on Netflix to see if any of them would put me in the mood… First on my list was Little Baby Jesus (Prijde letos Jezísek?), a romantic comedy from Lenka Kny. As someone leaning moreContinue Reading

Less than a week after the easing of COVID-19 related measures, the government decides to re-evaluate some of them, once again. While the general tightening of the restrictions is not expected, the government did enforce new rules on restaurants and similar entities. Despite the fact that the Czech Republic remains on the third level of PES, which allows restaurants, cafes, and other services to function normally until 10 pm, the government decided to shorten their serving time by two hours. According to the minister of Health, both customers and business owners are constantly violating the measures. “It’s even about setting up the so-called heated tents by the windows. There are crowded bars, food and alcohol consumption in public and atContinue Reading

Politico ranked Zdeněk Hřib among the 28 most influential people in Europe – class 2021. Along with the Mayor of Prague, Politico included such famous politicians as Angela Merkel (the most powerful person in Europe according to the ranking), Emmanuel Macron, Ursula Von Der Leyen, Boris Johnson, and Vladimir Putin. According to its website, Politico’s ranking presents names of the people (16 men and 12 women) with the most power over European politics. Sixteen of those are politicians while others come from a rich variety of backgrounds not directly associated with politics, including J.K. Rowling and Pavel Durov (the founder of Telegram). The ranking is divided into three categories: doers, disrupters and dreamers. Hřib is included in the “dreamers” categoryContinue Reading