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Discover art through yoga 

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In an effort to alleviate daily anxiety and stress, and to provide a moment of harmony and tranquillity, the House of Lobkowicz has designed a new series of yoga classes, set in the beautiful historic galleries of the Lobkowicz Castles in Bohemia. The concept for YogArt was created with the aim of providing a unique virtual experience that is both educational and relaxing—all from the safety and comfort of your own home. Each session, guided by yoga instructors Lucie Königová and Alexandra Gálová, presents a different space filled with extraordinary works of art and introduces you to the hidden treasures displayed within these settings while you unwind through a series of mindful breathing and gentle yoga movements. Classes are available in both Czech and English and are designed for all ages and levels.  

“Although we have already hosted yoga in our gallery spaces, the coronavirus pandemic required us to present it in a different and dynamic way. The public was feeling anxious about the spread of the virus and many were disappointed that gyms and yoga studios could no longer teach group classes. At the same time, we had to close the doors of our museums. Our immediate response was how might we collaborate to fuse two different art forms, one that offers visual pleasure and art history, the other peace of mind and physical well-being,” explains Alexandra Lobkowicz, President of the Lobkowicz Collections. 

Each class introduces a new space, as well as the history and exceptional artwork within it, before each yoga session begins. The first seven classes of the series take place at Nelahozeves Castle while future episodes will be featured at the Lobkowicz Palace Museum in Prague Castle, as well as other Lobkowicz properties.  

The English classes are led by Lucie Königová, who wants to teach people the joy of life through yoga. “I have no desire to teach people something ‘correct,’ a term often used in yoga therapy—correct breathing, correct movement, correct positions. My intention is to help cultivate the ability to be receptive to oneself and life. I want to instill a desire to explore everything that is happening around us and to do so with interest, playfulness, and openness—all while remaining calm and focusing our attention on the present moment.”  

The Czech classes are led by Alexandra Gálová, who has been practicing yoga since her early teens. “Yoga and art provide a space for mental relaxation, personal contemplation, and cultivating beauty. That is why it is a great honor for me to be part of such a unique project like YogArt.”  
YogArt is available starting today on YouTube and you can follow House of Lobkowicz’Facebook and Instagram channels for further updates.

To learn more, visit 

The ongoing projects and activities of the House of Lobkowicz are directed toward their mission: to make culture and heritage relevant for current and future generations by preserving, studying, and sharing the Lobkowicz Collections with the world. 

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