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The Alchemist of Dream

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The premiere of the show “The Alchemist of Dream”, which took place at Ponec Theatre in Prague on Friday 7th of March, 2014 has provided a brilliant, unique an artistic experience to the audience. The symbiosis of original piano music, composed and performed by Maestro José Miguel Maschietto, with fragile scenic dance of Michaela Josífková, carried the audience on a symbolic journey into the mysterious world of dreams – through harmonies and shades of colors, from silence to the rhytm.

“The Alchemist of Dream” is an international project, based on a music by Italian Maestro, pianist, composer and conductor José Miguel Maschietto; an experience who brings a fresh concept of a combination of live chamber music concert of original music with modern dance theatre. Maestro José Miguel Maschietto, whose musical roots sinks in classical music (we remember him for example, at the Prague State Opera); in this spectacular evening has performed 10 original pieces in contemporary and minimalist style. Probably for the first time in its history, the stage of Ponec Theatre had the opportunity to host a grand piano Petrof, imported specially for the occasion. The original composition were accompanied by Bronislav Vagenknecht on trumpet and by scenic dance performed by Michaela Josífková. The last piece, as dramaturgical finale of the evening, was enriched by a performance of Prague Youth strings . The light design of the performance was an important part of the concept of the show, corresponding to the imagination of a mysterious dream world where the performers appears in a disc of coloured light and dissapeares again slowly into a total darkness.

The performance was held under the patronage of the European Union of Arts, Ministry of Culture and the City of Prague. The General Sponsor and host of the Gala reception, was Le Palais 5***** Art Hotel Prague, and the main partners were the prestigious Petrof Piano Company, Stage Praha, Irina Kruchinina, Nikolay Essence and Ponec Theatre. Among the guests of the premiere were the representatives of sponsor and partners of the project and prominent personalities from the political, cultural and social life, who after the show moved to the reception, held in the unique atmosphere of Le Palais 5***** Art Hotel.

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