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Belgian court upholds Diag Human ruling against Czechia, which plans an appeal

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In an ongoing bizarre case, of a company dealing with plasma in Czechia, the courts cases keep ploughing through. Czechia’s case stands on closure, having paid Diag Human 326 million Crowns in damages in 2002, and an arbitrage tribunal citing the payment as the reason to end the arbitrage case. These are facts but Diag Human is still suing the Czech state in several countries due to lost business or a smudged brand.

Diag Human, and the Belgian appeals court agrees, says that Czechia now owes it 14.5 Billion Crowns including interest and costs. The Czech state has not even received the judgement from the court. Furthermore the company officially argues that the state should not be hiding the debt from the public and its government. There have even been execution orders made against state property in Luxembourg last June, with the state apparently pulling assets outside of the country to protect itself.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) is said to have flown to Luxemburg unofficially to discuss the case. People familiar with the matter say that the case will now go to the Belgian Supreme court. No word on what is happening with the rest of the cases in other countries. With interest in the debt now running about 500 Million Crowns a year, there should be some motivation for closure.

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