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Court: Firm has no right to compensation for staff prosecution

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Prague, May 3 (CTK) – The Explosive Service firm will not get a compensation of 63 million crowns it demanded from the Czech state for the unrightful prosecution of its executives, the Prague Municipal Court ruled on Thursday, upholding a lower level court’s verdict from last year.

The verdict has taken effect and cannot be appealed.

The police were prosecuting the firm executives from 2004 on suspicion of having imported 334 tonnes of military demolition charges from discarded reserves of the Swedish military without the respective trading licence applied to military materiel.

Both prosecuted executives have claimed since the beginning that the materiel was not of a military character since it came from discarded reserves, and this is why they violated no law by its import.

They were acquitted of charges in 2006 as they committed no crime, the court ruled.

The firm claims in its lawsuit that it suffered damage by the unlawful state decision due to which it was not able to complete a planned deal with explosives. It also demanded money for the legal representation of both executives in court.

“The court has concluded that the appeal is not substantiated,” judge Jirina Jislova said, reminding that courts turned down the appeal in the past.

The firm claimed 180 million crowns first. The Supreme Court partially accepted its appellate review. However, the district court submitted sufficient arguments for rejecting the complaint, Jislova said.

The firm has claimed in its lawsuit that the state and the Industry and Trade Ministry, which stripped it of the trading licence for military materiel, were to blame for the damage, but it did not prove its statement, district court judge Ondrej Ruzicka explained in the justification of the verdict last July. He indicated that the firm should have sued the state for other reasons.

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