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Krejčíř’s luxurious villa fails to sell yet again

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Radovan Krejčíř’s luxurious villa in Černošice on V Dubině street, is definitely not on the list of the most desired properties. It has been offered for sale at auctions since 2016, failing to sell yet again on Thursday – now being offered for just one twentieth of the purchase price.

The purchase price of the 743 m2 villa is estimated to be 400 million CZK, but on Thursday, the starting bid was set at 21.1 million CZK. The original appraised value was 42.1 million CZK. Despite such a huge depreciation of the property, no one entered the auction. Similar story happened in January this year, when nobody expressed any interest in the starting bid of 28.1 million CZK. The auction is expected to be repeated in about three months, but the price cannot go lower by this point, according to the spokeswomen for the Executor’s Association Lenka Desatová.

“The law of 2018 allows you to go with the price to a quarter of the original estimated value. However, this case is being assessed according to the law that applied to the first attempt at auction,” she told ČTK earlier, reported.

The price of the villa had been repeatedly decreased due to continuous incidents, such as the fire, which broke out last August, and cases of vandalism. The town of Černošice is also not interested in entering the auction.

The original owner of the villa, Radovan Krejčíř, has been imprisoned since 2013 in South Africa. In 2015, he was convicted for attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and drug trafficking, being sentenced to the total of 35 years in prison, reports. Krejčíř still hopes to return to the Czech Republic and serve his time there.

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