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Pepper de Callier: Things to Think About

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Table of Contents

“His problem is that he is a checkers player in a chess world.” Anonymous

Isn’t the imagery wonderful in this quote? Can’t you just imagine the consequences brought about by this situation? The intricacies of the game of checkers notwithstanding, one gets an immediate sense of this quote’s meaning. And yet, it would be difficult for me to count the number of times I witness this mentality in working with leaders who are very transactional in their approach to business and relationships. They miss completely the long-term perspective required of leaders today. The era of simple, straight-forward transactions has long since passed and the future belongs to those who invest the time, energy, and thought into appreciating, and mastering, the complexities, and benefits of long-term thinking. So, here’s my question, “How would those around you—those who know you best—describe your style in this context?” Time to up your game?

Good luck on your journey!

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