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Czech car company MW Motors to launch Luka EV electric car this year

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Coming from Ireland in the 1990’s Maurice Ward came to the Czech Republic seeking opportunity and adventure. After growing a successful logistics business over the past 25 years, the natural next step must be a hobby – cars. Rather than collect them, Mr. Ward is going to produce them.

Joining the boom in the future of cars, electrification, software development and the Internet of Things integrated into the auto business, MW Motors has been researching and developing its own electric car since 2017. The plan is to launch it for sale during the second half of 2020.

MW Motors has built several prototypes and Eva Srpova, from news portal actually got to test drive one. The cars, built in Plzen, already exist. The car is based on the iconic 1950’s sports hatchback with some similarities to the BMW 507 or Czech sports-car JT2500 with an eight cylinder Tatra engine. The Luka EV is all electric.

The Luka EV should weigh about 815kg with two power options. A traditional single electric motor front-wheel drive model and a second model driven by four separate electric motors in the wheels.

At this point the main issue is homologation for all the European countries. At this point it looks like the car can start sales in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium. The Czech Republic and Germany are in the works. The company then plans to slowly develop the other countries as well. The amount og cars the company plans on selling is about 1000 a year.

The company believes that the future of the automobile is in software and technology, so MW Motors is partnering up with companies which can help it gain some competitive advantages in the field. The price has yet to be released.

Paul Lysek
written from coverage by Eva Srpova

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