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Restaurants post “No Chinese” signs in fear of coronavirus

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The second restaurant in the Czech Republic has put up a sign reading “Entrance of Chinese banned.” Confused owners and managers are likely overreacting to news or rumors concerning the spread of coronavirus, which has not been confirmed in the Czech Republic.

The restaurant U Zlate Kachny (At the Golden Duck), has put up signs refusing service to Chinese citizens, from mainland China, who were interested in comparing duck from Karlovy Vary to Peking Duck. The sign, mostly written in Czech, with a small Chinese translation underneath, was complete with visuals showing lungs crossed out and “Coronovirus” written in English underneath. The sign has the name of the manager and his phone number. The Prague Monitor regrets to inform our readers that we could not have the Chinese translated in time.

The first restaurant to ban Chinese from service was PHO Original Restaurant in Vinohrady, Prague. The restaurant later took the signs down and apologized via Facebook that the management was ill informed and panicked. They regret their actions and hope that everyone understands.

Attorney Jiri Vyvadil cautioned that the approach is not legal. “No operator can decide that, for example, Chinese are not fit to enter the establishment. Those decisions are made by the offices concerning public health, therefore the Minister of Health and appropriate hygienic staff.”

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