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Moneta Money Bank reports net profit of CZK 4.1bn

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Moneta Money Bank reported net profit totalling CZK 4.1bn for 2016. The bank profited e.g. from the extraordinary sale of the Visa stake and the stake in the Prague Stock Exchange, worth CZK 279m before tax. Client deposits soared 7% to CZK 116.3bn. Commercial loan balance grew 5.3% to CZK 56.7bn. Retail loans gained 3.0% to CZK 53.0bn. Moneta Money Bank’s general director and board of directors chairman Tomáš Spurný has stated that the bank’s management proposes dividend payment of CZK 9.80 per share. The bank’s priorities include digitalization of the distribution platform, into which the bank wants to invest CZK 600m over the next three years.

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