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Finance Ministry responds to economic shock

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The Minister of Finance Alena Schillerova (ANO) quickly started preparing for the coming economic shock caused by the rapid slow-down and closure of large parts of the economy. The first to go was the EET lottery, where customers can use their receipts, register them online and have a chance to win several prizes each month. The lottery was set up to have people insist on receipts, as well as gain some points with the public.

Discounts on trains may be next with Schillerova contemplating leaving only the pensioner discount in place. Students and accompanying passengers will be out of pocket.

For individuals the government will postpone the tax deadline from March 31st to July 1st.

For businesses, the Tax Office will not give any fines for late registering VAT receipts (KH) or customs declarations. The third and fourth round of EET expansion due to start May 1st will not be given any fines for three months for non-compliance.

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