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Educated Czech women have markedly lower pay than men

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Prague, June 16 (CTK) – The difference between the salaries of men and women is the highest among university graduates in the Czech Republic, according to an analysis that the Gender Studies group presented Tuesday.

On average, the pay of women with university education is 30 percent lower than that of men who graduated.

Among employees with secondary education, women’s pay is more than 20 percent lower than men’s.

Women who received only elementary education get 19 percent lower salaries than men on the same level.

The difference between the monthly average pay of men (63,000 crowns) and women (46,000 crowns) in top position is 27 percent.

In the sphere of services, men and women get an average pay of 19,000 crowns and 16,000 crowns, respectively.

The analysis concluded that women get lower salaries also because they dominate in professions that are not paid very well. Women remain at home with their small children for several years, which is often very detrimental to their professional careers. The employers usually apply the stereotype of the man as the breadwinner and the woman as the carer.

Women should not stay at home with children so long, Gender Studies believes.

But the employers often do not offer them to work part-time, the group said.

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