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Rentals in Prague

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Have you been pondering for some time whether to move to Prague and start a new life here? Our capital attracts not only tourists for a short visit, but many people are moving here due to work and also because of the fact that Prague has a unique atmosphere, offers cultural and sports activities and other options. If there is nothing that keeps you home and you would rather try out life in this bustling metropolis, then you are surely getting interested in housing. However, Prague´s hectic life does not suit everyone, even if you may think that such a lifestyle is perfect for you. Therefore, at first, try to look for a rental.

Rentals in Prague may not be as expensive as buying your own apartment. Moreover, you can try out the life in Prague in a rented flat and eventually decide whether the major city is really the place where you want to live for the next years. Rented apartment is also easier and faster to leave; a man has often not established ​​such a personal relationship to it.

What kind of rental to choose?

You should choose the rental depending on the number of people that will live in the apartment and also depending on what your personal requirements are. If you are single, a flat 1+1 is sufficient for you; if you move together with your partner, an apartment 2+kk (“kitchen corner”) is better. There are, of course, also much bigger flats in Prague. Previously mentioned flats are definitely not suitable for the whole family. The family members will certainly feel better in an apartment of type 3+1 or 3+kk so that each family member can have enough space and privacy. If you are modest from the beginning, you can find cheaper rental in an older block of flats.

The trend nowadays is to live in a residential complex, in which the apartments are new, modern, spacious, well-equipped and safe. Usually this accommodation includes many other services. It can be said that you have nothing to worry about. Such apartments are often located close to the public transport, the access to the city center is pretty easy, and the options in that area are multiple.

Where to look for a flat for rent in Prague?

You have several options to find a suitable flat in Prague. You can choose an apartment on your own using the Internet, the ads in the press, etc. Then you need to contact directly the owner, who might not speak English at all. It is necessary to resolve the relationship between the tenant and the owner, which is often not easy. It is therefore better to contact the real estate agency. Home Sweet Home is a popular real estate agency which offers long-term as well as short-term rentals. When choosing a flat for rent in Prague, check out their huge up-to-date database of real estate available via With such a rental, you will have much less trouble.

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