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Czech domestic train service drastically reduced

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All three of the Czech passenger train services announced reduced domestic train service within in the Czech Republic. Leo Express announced that it will reduce train services by 75% due to the drastic fall in passengers complying with the quarantine lock-down rules. The announcement was that the changes are effective until March 23rd and most likely even to April 7th. Leo Express is also requesting that all passengers wear masks covering their face and nose.

The Czech Railway Service announced that it is cutting the Pendolino train service between Prague, Ostrava and Český Těšín until March 23rd. Also the three towns of Litovel, Uničov, and Červenka will not be serviced due to them being put in isolation due to the Covid-19 situation. Furthermore, the train company is asking passengers to purchase tickets via the internet.

RegioJet is also reducing train service. The Prague to Brno line is being reduced by four trains a day and the Prague-Ostrava line is being reduced by three trains. The Brno-Bohumín line will also be reduced to two-hour intervals.

The lost business due to the quarantine situation is worth hundreds of millions of crowns. Leo Express wants to open discussions with the state as to compensation for some of the losses on behalf of all thee operators.

The domestic reductions are on top of the international routes which were all cancelled last week.

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