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Pepper de Callier: Things to Think About

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Table of Contents

“Recognizing that inflection point — the point at which our continuing to rework our work reaches a law of diminishing returns — is one of the hardest skills to learn, but also one of the most necessary.”

Dr. Alex Lickerman on the topic of just getting things done, writing in Psychology Today

Someone once said not to let perfection stand in the way of progress. At the pace of today’s world, striving for perfection, holding still until all the pieces are perfectly in place, is similar to a deer being caught in the headlights—the possibility of a bad outcome is greatly increased by not moving. Think about it for a moment, there comes a time when piling on more data, or continuing your search for that perfect analogue to drive home your point becomes a waste of time. Or, to paraphrase Dr. Lickerman, you could actually be getting something accomplished. I agree that it’s not easy to stand back and admit it’s time to move on, but today, if you’re standing still, you’re actually going backwards. Don’t let a quest for perfection keep you from doing something and fine-tuning it as you keep moving forward. Besides, it’s more fun.

Good luck on your journey!

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