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EC: Medical expenditures in ČR are below EU average

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In the Czech Republic medical expenditures per capita are one third lower than the EU average. However the value of funds headed for the system is increasing (2015: 7.3 % HDP). This is based on a report comparing the state of healthcare and healthcare systems in EU countries, published by the European Commission.

According to the material, between 2000 and 2015 average life expectancy in the Czech Republic increased by almost four years to 78.7 years, two years less than the EU average. The document also stated that the Czech Republic is among the “fairest” states when it comes to healthcare systems – for example minimal barriers to access to paid services.

From the perspective of the entire EU, the EC considers it important to increase investments into prevention, which 3 % of budget funds are spent on while 80 % is spent on treating illnesses.

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