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Právo: Number of Czech job applicants smoking marijuana rising

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Prague, Feb 24 (CTK) – The number of Czech job applicants who have experience with drugs, mostly marijuana, but also pervitin (methamphetamine), has been rising, daily Pravo wrote on Wednesday, citing personnel managers.

Some applicants even admit that they take drugs from time to time during their interviews, while others do not pass the tests for drugs that more and more firms use as a condition of admitting new staff, Pravo writes.

Moreover, some companies carry out random drug checks of their employees during working time.

“The firms are introducing drug tests of job applicants more and more frequently in all regions of the Czech Republic, mainly in the automotive industry,” Tomas Surka, director of the McROY Czech human recruitment and consultancy company, told Pravo.

“We have found out that two in ten job applicants have admitted their occasional smoking of marijuana,” said Vojtech Suchy, from the same agency, speaking about his experience from Liberec, north Bohemia.

Job applicants also exceptionally test positive for pervitin, Pravo says.

These applicants most often seek manual professions, such as a production operator. They have incomplete secondary education and are recruited for work on robotic devices and automated production lines, Pravo says.

“THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) contained in marijuana affects the central nervous system and it might cause an injury. These people are less concentrated and might suffer from visual and aural hallucinations. In the case of pervitin, the risk is even higher. No company wants to run a risk unnecessarily, and this is why it makes the admission conditional on a negative drug test,” Suchy said.

The applicants who admit taking drugs or tested positive for them are not shortlisted for another round, he added.

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