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Businessmen to launch campaign against sales registration

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Prague, Jan 29 (CTK) – The Czech Party of Entrepreneurs will launch the “Victorious February 2016” campaign to point out the state bureaucratic measures to limit private businesses, such as the planned electronic registration of sales, party head Petr Bajer told reporters on Friday.

The campaign, whose name refers to the communist coup in February 1948, will culminate with a manifestation and march to the Government Office on February 25, the day when Czech businesspeople are to submit VAT ledger statements for the first time.

Bajer said the date was symbolic since the Communists seized power in Czechoslovakia on the same day in 1948 and then they had expropriated all private businesses.

In a similar way, the current government of the Social Democrats (CSSD), ANO and Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) has prepared the measures, such as VAT ledger statements, the electronic registration of sales and the ban on smoking in restaurants, that will further burden private businesses and in some cases may cause their collapse, he added.

The visual part of the campaign, including a special website, is inspired by the 1950s’ graphics. Its central motif is a poster with a slogan reading “Halt Them!” and the portraits of PM Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) and Finance Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) instead of the then Communist leaders.

The planned protest manifestation will be in the same, rather mocking, spirit, Bajer said.

The Party of Entrepreneurs also initiated a constitutional complaint against VAT ledger statements that was supported by 21 senators, including Synot lottery company owner Ivo Valenta who represents this party in the upper house.

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