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Average monthly pay in public sector goes markedly up

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Prague, Aug 31 (CTK) – The average gross monthly salary in the Czech public sector increased by nearly 3500 crowns over the last three years, from 26,024 crowns in 2013 to 29,501 crowns in 2016, according to the data the Labour Ministry released on its website.

The median monthly salary was 24,563 and 27,743 crowns in 2013 and 2016, respectively.

Last year, 626,100 employees, 410,800 women and 215,300 men, were paid from public budgets. One fifth of the employees were manualk workers.

The average monthly pay of manual workers was 18,880 crowns, while the non-manual workers received 32,237 crowns a month on average in 2016. University graduates received 37,830 crowns on average. The average monthly wage of men and women was 33,159 crowns and 27,583 crowns, respectively. The sums include all the bonuses the employees received.

Last year, the average monthly salary of kindergarten teachers was about 25,000 crowns, primary school teachers received about 30,000 crowns. A specialised nurse and a police officer earned over 36,000 crowns a month, a doctor twice as much. A clerk had a salary of 25,600 crowns and a clerk worked at a ministry 30,900 crowns. A cook earned 16,500 crowns and a cleaner 13,800 crowns.

Trade unions are now negotiating with the government about a pay rise. The union leaders threatened with protests unless the pay of teachers goes up by 15 percent and other public employees by 10 percent.

Finance Minister Ivan Pilny (ANO) said there is no money for such a pay rise in the state budget planned or next year.

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