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Average old-age pension rises to CZK 11,441 by September

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Prague, Nov 3 (CTK) – The average old-age pension in the Czech Republic amounted to 11,441 crowns in September, which was 107 crowns more than a year ago, Jana Buranova, spokeswoman for the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSZ), said on Thursday.

In all, almost 2.4 million old-age pensions were paid, roughly 18,500 more than a year ago, Buranova said.

Almost 600,000 of them were paid for early retirement, she added.

As before, men now receive on average higher pensions than women. The former were paid an average 12,643 crowns a month, which was 2,260 crowns more than women, whose average pension amounted to 10,383 crowns.

The average salary rose by 1,074 crowns, or 4.2 percent, to 26,898 crowns a month by mid-year.

At the end of September, the CSSZ registered 2.88 million people who were paid old-age, disability and survivor’s pensions. This was 19,864 more than a year ago.

In all, the state paid about 3.5 million pensions, including almost 2.4 million old-age pensions, 427,431 invalidity pensions and 680,725 survivor’s (widow’s, widower’s and orphan’s) pensions.

By September 2016, the revenues within the pension insurance scheme reached roughly 276.4 billion crowns and expenditures 291.3 billion crowns.

The latter were also influenced by the one-off 1,200-crown contribution to the pension, the CSSZ paid to pensioners this February.

The revenues from the premiums reached 21,5 billion crowns and expenditures 19.7 billion crowns by the end of September.

Compared to last year, 123,813 more health insurance benefits were paid than a year ago and their number reached almost 2.5 million in the form of sickness pay, attendance allowances, maternity allowance and a compensation benefit in pregnancy.

Compared to 2015, the number of parental allowances surged to 424,531 by the end of September, which was roughly 20,000 more than a year ago.

“The number of male recipients has been on the rise. This year, the financial aid in paternity was paid to 3,389 men, as against 2,845 a year ago,” Buranova said.

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