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Babis uncovers the National Investment Plan: CZK 8 trillion by 2050

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Table of Contents

Czech Premier Andrej Babis unveiled his National Investment Plan with over 20,000 projects totaling 8 trillion Crowns by 2050. The greatest investment will be into transportation with over 75% of the total funds being allocated.

The investment plan is so massive that it dwarfs the goal to build two new nuclear reactors, included in the National Investment Plan. Transparently, the 300 billion needed to build the new power plants seems relatively small when it is married into an 8 trillion Crown thirty year vision. Strategically, the plan was unveiled a day after the Premier signed the Carbon Neutrality Pact, signed only after the EU added nuclear power as an “Energy Mix” option.

Babis unveiled the plan and stated that the National Investment Plan was part of the 30 year strategy: Czech Republic – country for the future. He also stated that the plan is a list of all the projects needed so that the governments can prepare, not wait until all the financing and details are compiled in order to find where to invest. From this document there are plans to make a database available to the public so every person can see what is being done, what is being, or what is fluff.

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