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Municipalities and regions see higher budget surpluses

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In 2019 municipalities recorded budget surpluses totalling 25.5 billion crowns versus 2018’s 8.3 billion crowns. Regions recorded surpluses of 5.8 billion crowns versus 2018 surpluses of 82 million crowns. The budget surpluses grew over 350% in total when compared to the prior year’s results.

“Finances of municipalities and regions are in great condition,” said Minister of Finance Alena Schillerova (ANO). “Their accounts have been in surplus for eight straight years. Total income is growing over the long-term. The reason is growth of tax receipts” Schillerova added.

The Minister of Finance had a note to make “last year municipalities invested almost 124 billion crowns in total, but that number is 30% less than planned.”

Receipts of regional governments grew by 61.5 billion crowns last year, to a total 594.1 billion crowns. Expenses also grew, albeit at a slower rate. The total grew38.6 billion crowns to 562.4 billion crowns.

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