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Czechs contribute with record sum to book on anarcho-capitalism

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Prague, Dec 18 (CTK) – The publishing of a Czech book on anarcho-capitalism has gained a record support worth over 2.6 million crowns, including two million in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, from people in an Internet campaign, Jan Charvat told CTK on behalf of the organisers on Monday.

This is a Czech record sum collected in support of a book and one of the most successful Czech crowdfunding projects so far, Charvat said.

In mid-December, the bitcoin’s price was about 404,000 crowns, and analysts addressed by CTK said it might increase above two million crowns next year.

The publisher of the book Anarcho-capitalism, which deals with a society based on a free market without the institution of the state, wanted to gather 65,000 crowns for its issuance.

The contributors fulfilled the plan at 1,000 percent.

A total of 656,262 crowns were gathered on the Startovac server by December 15, and even much more was gathered in crypto-currencies.

“Crypto-currencies are one of the ways for people to shake off the state power a little bit a least. They are not supervised by any governments, any state or banks, which is in accordance with the idea of anarcho-capitalism,” said the author of the book, with the pen name of Urza, who has a long-lasting experience with crypto-currencies and whose first book Anarcho-capitalism is.

“The basic instrument of any state is organised aggressive violence. Like a mafia gangster, who arrives to racket protection money, the state, too, uses violence to collect taxes from those who did not yield to it. I disapprove this, since the most important value we have is freedom, in my view,” Urza, university graduate and an IT expert by training, said.

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