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Czech pensions paid in 2017 grew to 404 billion crowns

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Prague, Feb 22 (CTK) – The Czech Social Security Administration (CSSZ) disbursed pensions totalling 404 billion crowns in 2017, which was about ten billion crowns more year-on-year, CSSZ spokeswoman Jana Buranova told CTK on Thursday.

The average pension increased by 390 crowns to 11,850 crowns.

There were 2,895,963 pensioners in total at the end of 2017, of whom 424,242 were receiving the disability pension and 67,788 people were only receiving the survivor’s pension (such as widow’s and widower’s pension) in the Czech Republic with a population of 10.5 million.

Further 612,338 survivor’s pensions were disbursed along with the direct old age or disability pensions.

Pensions were paid to 93,236 Czechs living abroad.

For men, the average old age pension was 13,076 crowns, for women it was 10,758 crowns.

The highest pensions are paid to people in Prague, on average 12,646 crowns.

The average pension in the Olomouc Region is 11,496 crowns, which is the lowest pension in the country.

Disability pensions fro the third degree disability equaled to 10,655 crowns on average and they were 6,922 crowns and 5,998 crowns for the second and first disability degree, respectively.

The widow’s pension paid independently was 7,677 crowns on average, the widower’s pension was 6,815 and the orphan’s pension was 6,078 crowns.

The overall income from social and pension insurance payments was 405.3 billion crowns from January to December 2017, Buranova added.

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