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Parliament approves raise in pensions from 2019

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Prague – On Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously voted to approve the government’s version of the pension amendment, which will see all pensions rise by at least 300 Kc a month. The amendment will benefit 200,000 pensioners above the age of 85 the most, who will receive a 1000 Kc monthly raise, costing the government an estimated 2.4 billion Kc in 2019.

The chamber earlier rejected a version of the amendment that was proposed by the senate, which would have seen all pensioners who have been in the system for 25 years receive a 1000 Kc monthly raise. The senate’s version would have seen up to 400,000 people benefit, but would have cost the government double. Labour minister Jana Malacova deemed the government amendment fairer, with the opposition, backing the senate version initially. President Milos Zeman must sign the law into effect, to be valid from September.

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