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FinMin: Only the companies that provide “stravenky” will lose, all others gain in flat rate

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The companies that currently run the oligopoly for “stravenky,” or lunch vouchers, will lose if the Ministry of Finance allows companies to simply give a set amount of money tax free to employees. The Ministry has proposed the plan as of 2021. The employers, employees and enterprises which accept the vouchers will gain. The gains will be made through the fact that employers will not need to pay the companies for their services, enterprises will not be deducted high service fees, and employees will have a simple fact: tax free cash in their bank account every month. There will be no lost vouchers, no expired vouchers, no endless amount of administration etc. The system will be much more efficient for all.

Naturally there is always a lobby which needs to feed information concerning the business, convincing someone that they need the archaic system in place: Naturally, many people are making “money for nothing.” Most commercial enterprises support the changes, including nearly all associations and the majority of members. Some unions are against, as they are afraid that the businesses will abuse the new system and not send enough money to the government. Unions are organized labor groups which are charged with increasing and mitigating workers standards of living and work relationships. A flat sum of tax free money to a workers account would equal an increase of living standards in most cases.

“Many small companies avoid lunch vouchers due to the high administration requirements and fees – which they must pay to the “stravenky” companies. In the case of a flat amount of tax free money to the employee for each day worked, they avoid both” stated Minister of Finance Alena Schillerova (ANO).

The Ministry of Finance believes that through the flat payment system another one million Czechs will be beneficiaries to the system.

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