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Christian Democrats want higher pensions for mothers

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Prague, April 24 (CTK) – The Czech Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) want the monthly pension of a mother to be increased by 500 crowns for each child she raised, their chairman Pavel Belobradek told journalists on Tuesday.

“Children are needed for the pension system to be sustainable. As children are needed, mothers should not be punished for having children,” Belobradek said, referring to the fact that women who took care of children have lower pensions than those who worked under the current law.

Also due to the maternity leave, men have higher pensions than women and the difference between their average monthly pensions is about 2000 crowns, Belobradek said.

He said the pension system needs a general reform, but the preparation of this reform will last long and so the most striking cases of injustice should be removed sooner.

KDU-CSL lower house group head Jan Bartosek expects his party to submit the respective bill by summer. He said the KDU-CSL will seek support from other parties for its proposals.

Women who raised children had the right to get retired sooner than childless women. A woman born in 1956 can get retired at the age of 63 years and two months if she had no children, but if she raised two children she can get retired when she is 60 years and four months old. But the retirement age of women born in 1975 or later is the same irrespective of how many children they raised.

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