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Czechs plan on spending CZK 2290 on New Year’s celebrating this year, YoY up 16%

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According to research by Neilson Admosphere for loan company Profi Credit, the average amount Czechs plan to spend on their New Year’s plans is CZK 2290, up 16% from last year. 84% of Czech replied that they have plans to celebrate. 99% of Czechs plan on spending additional money on food, which is the largest representative amount – CZK 1150. 90% of Czech’s plan to buy alcohol for their New Year’s celebration, average planned spend CZK 670.

Drinks? Only 10% of the participants plan on staying sober. The favorite drink to bring on the New Year is sparkling wine at 31% of respondents. Respondents chose beer only 18% of the time, which is very suspicious. Often one finds the usually overloaded beer aisle all but empty on the afternoon of any 31st of December. Perhaps respondents were only given one choice.

Only four respondents planned on bringing in the New Year in a club of restaurant. The low response fits the countries culture of celebrating in a close circle of friends, preferably at a cottage or in the mountains.

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