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March, 2014: As it moves into its tenth year of operation in the Czech Republic, Prague College announces today the launch of its innovative new-look website, which was designed by the College’s own alumni with a particular emphasis on displaying the College’s strengths to the absolute maximum.

Through the new website, prospective students wishing to enrol at Prague’s only British-accredited university will be able to discover – in greater depth than ever before – the content of the College’s twenty-plus programmes, lecturer and speaker profiles, a fully illustrated catalogue of conferences and projects, examples of students’ work, and a great deal more.

The site has been designed to be easily navigated, useful, and, above all, enjoyable for all who have an interest in the College and its three schools – business, art & design and IT & computing. Business and the community are well represented, as are the multiple specially-programmed events, many of which are open to the general public.

Talking about the new website, Doug Hajek, Found and Director of Prague College said:
The previous website served us very well for our first ten years, but the College is a great deal bigger and more active than it was when we started, so we have been working on a new and ‘upgraded’ version for some time. Not only is the new website extremely well thought out; its bold and functional design allows us to stand out in what is now a very competitive field. We are very pleased to have such a strong new online presence, which reinforces and reflects our educational vision for the years ahead.

The website is in English and Czech, as the language of all of the College’s operations and teaching is English, but more than 70 of its prospective students speak Czech; at present, more than 50% of its students are from the Czech Republic. The new website is a highly modular site that allows the College to showcase complex projects such as conferences with multiple events, or academic programmes with a number of potential pathways and classes. The site, as a whole, really does give a three-dimensional view of college life and how the university functions.

For more information on Prague College and all of its upcoming courses and activities, and to see the new website itself, please visit

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