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Pure WATER. Pure PLEASURE. The Wonderful World of Natural Pools – Ekopool

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Thanks to the harmonious unity of pool and biotope, the natural pool ensures pure swimming enjoyment without any chemicals, but with an abundance of flora and fauna.

In Austria in 1985, Biotop introduced a new world of outdoor living and swimming technology in the form of the first natural pool. After cultivating 25 years of experience, more than 3500 Biotop natural pools have been realised, including residential, commercial and public pools.

Ekopool are now pleased to bring the unparalleled technology of Biotop natural pools to the Czech Republic,” says Ricky Goodman, co-founder of Ekopool. “After meeting the Biotop founder, Peter Petrich, and his team in Austria, their passion for natural pools and ecology convinced us we had made the right choice.”

Ekopool is the only authorised partner of Biotop in the Czech Republic. Its two founders come from different backgrounds, but share a common love of nature and alternatives to chlorinated swimming areas. “We were aware that swimming ponds are being built in the Czech Republic, but not necessarily to the same exacting standards as those in other countries,” says Tom Rynston, co-founder of Ekopool.

In terms of the construction, a natural swimming pool has two distinct zones – a deeper swimming zone, and a shallow, planted regeneration area. And instead of killing off bacteria by means of harmful chemicals such as chlorine, a natural pool organically cleanses the water using the purifying properties of plants. This results in “living water” rather than sterilized water, and is therefore able to sustain normal pond life.
The local water that is used to fill the pool is sent to the Biotop laboratory in Austria, and a plant selection is formulated based on the analysis of the water chemistry and the local climatic factors. This provides optimisation for both the filtration process and the aesthetics of the pool.

The swimming area is separated from the plant zone by an underwater wall submerged approximately 10 cm below the pool’s surface. This division prevents sediment from escaping into the swim area, and allows the solar-heated, warmed water from the shallow plant zones to circulate throughout the pool.

The circulating water leaves the pool via a Biotop patented animal-friendly, curved skimmer which removes surface debris, but simultaneously permits the aquatic fauna to return back into the biotope. This mesh-filtered water flows into a submerged pump house, which then returns the water into the pool via a phosphorous filter. The filter then removes any dissolved phosphorous which is responsible for algae growth, essentially starving the algae.

A carbonator supports the entire process by drawing in carbon dioxide-rich air from the ground and injects it directly into the plant regeneration zone, which has two positive effects: lowering the acidity of the water and encouraging vigorous plant growth.

All Biotop equipment is hand-built in Austria from recycled, eco-friendly material and is discreetly hidden beneath wooden decking. This ecological approach to water filtration also allows Ekopool to work in environmentally protected areas. Currently, Ekopool are involved in a 1000 sqm pond reclamation project located close to Prague.

Unlike most chlorinated pools, natural swimming pools are not emptied during winter and form part of a garden’s seasonal beauty. As a result, a natural pool can be used for ice-skating in winter, thus maximising its seasonal use.

Recently, a Biotop Living Pool won Best New Product at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. Interestingly, a Living Pool looks like a conventional pool, but in fact is a fully-fledged biological pool. In this type of pool, the plant filters can be replaced by the phosphorous filter used in combination with a pool-cleaning robot.
If you are the owner of an already existing chlorine pool, it is never too late to convert to chemical-free swimming. Ekopool are able to provide a converter monocube from Biotop, which in effect replaces the technical equipment in your existing plant room.

If pure natural water sounds like pure pleasure to you, then a quality, natural swimming pool might be just what you and your garden have been waiting for.

We believe that every pool should be a “year-round” work of art, designed in harmony with nature and not against it. Biotop technologies have enabled Ekopool to deliver guaranteed clear water using environmentally sound technology,” says Tom Rynston.

Jana Masaryka 515/35, Vinohrady, Praha 2, 120 00

General Telephone Number 222 560 494
For English 607 798 000 or 776 550 627
For Czech 723 446 344 or 603 383 527
We are also able to take requests in Russian, Spanish, French and German.

Email: [email protected]

Ekopool is a Positive Living s.r.o. organization
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