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WWOO (pronounced: ‘WOO’) kitchens are customizable modular concrete outdoor workplaces!

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In addition to being an outdoor kitchen, your WWOO can double as a handy workplace for doing gardening work, i.e. repotting or watering plants, as it can easily be connected to a Gardena™ watering system.

The idea for WWOO kitchens was conceived by interior designer Piet-Jan van den Kommer, who is an avid advocate of materials including wood, leather and concrete.

A basic WWOO kitchen consists of five posts with twelve wall elements: eight loose kitchen worktops and four ‘shelves’ which are slid in between them; all parts are made entirely of concrete.

A basic WWOO kitchen also comes with a Big Green Egg grill or Weber barbecue, as well as a removable stainless steel hearth and stainless steel basin with a tap.

Each section measures 1.5 metres wide and approximately 2 metres high; however, they can also be supplied in a 1.4 metre dimension so that you have an obstructed view over the top.

Since WWOO kitchens are assembled from separate components, the basic model can be assembled according to your own specifications and expanded without limitations – not just lengthwise, but also with the option to add on extras such as an outdoor shower.

Generally, outdoor kitchens can often require a great deal of maintenance and expense. However, WWOO kitchens are virtually maintenance-free and are extremely affordable.

In addition, your WWOO kitchen can be placed according to your specific request, e.g. by a swimming pool or to provide a dividing wall between yours and a neighbours’ property. They can even be installed on roof-top terraces or commercial spaces.

In other words, a WWOO kitchen enriches your outdoor life by providing you with an undisturbed and unique space to entertain friends and family.

WWOO kitchens and products are now available in the Czech Republic. For more information, please go to:

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