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White tigers born in Liberec zoo after four-year pause

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Liberec, North Bohemia, Feb 29 (CTK) – White tigers were born in the Liberec zoo last week after an almost four-year pause, Jan Kubanek, spokesman for the zoo that keeps white tigers as its most popular attraction, told CTK on Monday.

The eight-year-old female tiger, Surya Bara, gave birth to four cubs on February 25, but two have died, Kubanek said.

The zoo has kept white tigers, a rare form of the Indian tiger, since 1994, but it has succeeded in breeding them only twice, last time four years ago.

“The fact that not all cubs have survived now is a consequence of natural selection. The first days are always crucial,” said Lubos Melichar, an expert from the zoo.

Surya Bara is an experienced mother who has given birth to offspring four times already. However, the only cubs to survive were the triplets born in July 2012.

In 2011, the mother did not care for its young. In 2014, the only cub died over an inborn physical defect after several days.

Surya Bara is caring for its new offspring, Kubanek said.

The tiger pavilion has been closed to visitors for the tiger family to enjoy absolute privacy.

Recordings of the camera installed in the tiger box show that the mother and the two surviving cubs are doing well, the zoo director David Nejedlo said.

After the young turn ten weeks, the attendants will weigh, chip and vaccinate them and also determine their sex.

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